Helium Mobile Wi-Fi

Helium Mobile Wi-Fi allows public access to hotspots

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What is it?

Helium Mobile Wi-Fi is a new feature that provides additional functionality for Helium Mobile Hotspots by offering connectivity for everyone, even if they are not Helium Mobile subscribers yet.

Why are we adding this?

Helium Mobile builders have requested a way for Helium Mobile Hotspots to provide free Wi-Fi to patrons and users of their Hosts (Shops, restaurants, parks. etc.). This feature is another lever that builders can use to get Hotspots into locations with high footfall and slow-moving people.

How does this feature benefit the Venue? (Why should I turn this on?)

  • Device Consolidation: Venues don't need a separate device to share internet access for patrons.

  • Professional Access Portal: Helium Mobile Wi-Fi includes an internet access portal. Small businesses often do not have the technical resources to set up an Internet access portal and often settle for an SSID/password system that offers a subpar user experience.

  • Owner Managed Access: Customizable data limits ensure that Helium Mobile Wi-Fi does not strain the backhaul network, preventing disruptions for other guests or internal users.

  • Security and Compliance: Helium Mobile Wi-Fi covers all the service terms so the venue can offer secure and compliant internet to its patrons.

How do I enable Helium Mobile Wi-Fi?

To turn on Helium Mobile Wi-Fi, log into the Helium Mobile Builder App > Hotspots > Select Hotspot > Manage and toggle the setting below:

After doing so, the Helium Mobile Hotspot will start broadcasting an additional SSID called "Helium Free Wi-Fi." Any users in the range can connect and get internet access after accepting the terms and conditions.

What kind of devices can connect?

Any device with Wi-Fi can connect to Helium Mobile Wi-Fi. This includes laptops, tablets, phones, and even cars.

Will Hotspots earn rewards for data consumed through Helium Mobile Wi-Fi?

No. Users of Helium Mobile Wi-Fi will not push paid data to the network for the initial free service tier. We will look at options for a paid Premium tier for future releases.

What else is on the menu?

Here are some things we have in mind for future versions:

  • Allow Hotspot owners to get referral rewards for customers who sign up for Helium Mobile while connected to their Hotspot.

  • Offer users a paid premium connection tier with higher bandwidth, and data used by premium tier users would be rewardable.

  • Allow Helium Mobile subs to sign in to access the premium tier, which is included with their plan; this data usage will be rewardable.

  • Merch rewards for deployers who serve the most free traffic.

  • Customizations for the Hotspot owner - Granular data speeds, duration, logos, landing page, etc.

For your Guests

  • How does a guest access Helium Mobile Wi-Fi?

    • Find the SSID “Helium Free Wi-Fi” in your Wi-Fi settings and connect. Once connected, enter your name, email, and zip and click connect.

  • Why does a guest need to enter their email, name, and zip code?

    • Helium Mobile must gather this information to comply with legal requirements. We will not sell this data, but we plan to market our products and services to these users.

  • How does a guest know if a business has Helium Mobile Wi-Fi?

    • Guests can see Helium Mobile Wi-Fi as a network option when they go to their Wi-Fi settings.

  • Is Helium Mobile Wi-Fi secure?

    • It offers security features like Network Address Translation to protect the host network and client isolation to protect the privacy of the users connected to the network.

  • Will the Helium Mobile Wi-Fi always be free, or is it timed or limited by data?

    • Access to the initial tier of Helium Mobile Wi-Fi is free, and Hotspot hosts can customize the data limits for their devices. We may consider adding premium tiers for hosts in the future that will pass rewardable data.

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