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Coverage Claim Time - time passed since the Hotspot or radio started to provide coverage without going offline for 72 hours or more.

Coverage Points - amount of points a Hotspot or radio can earn during a single reward period for providing coverage in the hex based on its modeled coverage. For example, Helium Mobile Hotspot Indoor, is eligible to earn 400 coverage points by providing high signal level in a hex. Rules for calculating modeled coverage points are defined in various Helium Network HIPs, and are subject to change. See Key Helium Network HIPs.

Coverage usefulness metrics - Coverage points, Oracle and Service Provider Hex Boosting data.

Data Transfer - Hotspots get rewarded for transferring subscriber data. As with PoC rewards, the rules are defined by various HIPs voted for by the Helium Network Community.

Heartbeats are signals sent by Hotspots and radios to the network to indicate that they are online and verify information about their location and coverage. 12 Heartbeats in any 12 distinct hours of the 24-hour reward period are required for the device to qualify for PoC rewards.

Helium Improvement Proposal (HIP) - is a document that describes changes to the Helium Network. Anyone can create a HIP, but in order for the HIP to take effect, it first needs to be voted for by the veMOBILE holders and then implemented by engineers. Full list of HIPs: https://github.com/helium/HIP?tab=readme-ov-file#helium-improvement-proposals-hip

Hexes represent a small area approximately of the size of a single-family lot.

Hexes Covered - total number of hexes a Hotspot or radio covered during the past 24-hour reward period.

Proof-of-Coverage (PoC) - a set of rules approved by the Helium Network Community through voting on various HIPs that define how different devices get rewarded for providing coverage on the Helium Network. Quality of service and coverage usefulness metrics have impact on PoC rewards. See Key Helium Network HIPs.

Quality of service metrics - Heartbeats, Speed Tests, Trust Score, Coverage Claim Time.

Speed Tests are measurements of download speed, upload speed and latency that are performed by Hotspots twice in 24 hours. The rolling average of 6 Speed Tests is used to determine the Speed Test reward multiplier. Minimum two Speed Tests per 24 hour reward period are required to qualify for the PoC rewards.

Trust Score is a measure of how much the self-asserted location of the Hotspot can be verified by the network. Location Trust Score affects PoC rewards, and the best way to ensure that the PoC rewards are not decreased due to low Trust Score is to always re-assert the Hotspot’s location whenever it’s moved to a new location.

Rules of the Helium Network are subject to constant change due to the decentralized nature of the networked that is governed by an active global community.

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