Key Helium Network HIPs
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HIP 53 - Established the concept of the MOBILE SubDAO

HIP 74 - Established modeled proof of coverage, and modeled coverage points.

HIP 85 - Established limits to how many radios are rewarded proof of coverage rewards per res12 hex based on overlapping coverage.

HIP 93 - Established Wi-Fi Access Points (Wi-Fi Hotspots) to be onboarded and rewarded to the Helium Mobile Network.

HIP98 - Defines quality of service requirements for Wi-Fi Hotspots

HIP103 - Defines usefulness of service rewards based on Urbanization, Footfall and Landtype Oracles data.

HIP113 - Establishes lower rewards for the CBRS radios to reflect their limited utility and experimental status on the network.

Rules of the Helium Network are subject to constant change due to the decentralized nature of the networked that is governed by an active global community.

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