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What is Helium Mobile Coverage Planner?
Updated this week

Helium Mobile Coverage Planner shows Helium Network coverage and provides tools to plan Hotspot deployments.

Existing coverage is calculated based on estimated signal strengths of different devices on the Network, their directionality, height, and physical environmental information (e.g., surrounding buildings and landscapes).

Coverage Planner has a Reward Multiplier layer to help builders understand where adding people-built coverage would be the most useful for the Network. Deploying in locations with high-reward multipliers gives builders the opportunity to maximize rewards.

The planning tool helps users preview coverage and find the optimal deployment parameters before actual installation of Hotspots. Please note that the planning tool has limitations in calculating potential rewards for the coverage and is simply an estimation; Nova Labs does not make any guarantees as to your actual rewards. The Nova Labs engineering team is actively working on improving estimates.

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