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What type of coverage is displayed in the Mobile Coverage Planner?
What type of coverage is displayed in the Mobile Coverage Planner?
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A modeled representation of estimated radio coverage is displayed in the Modeled Coverage Planner. The model is calculated based on inputs of estimated signal strengths, antenna directionality, radio placement, and physical environmental information (e.g., surrounding buildings and landscapes). The Coverage Map and Planner are intended to estimate coverage, and are not a guarantee that the hotspot or radio will generate the modeled coverage displayed.

Only radios that met Proof-of-Coverage requirements for the last 24-hour reward period are displayed on the Coverage Map.

There are two views available - Coverage Map, and Planner.

The Coverage Map view displays the modeled coverage for CPI-approved radios in blue color and Boosted Locations in purple. You can turn Modeled Coverage and Boosted Locations overlays on/off using the toggle.

The Planner view allows you to preview potential coverage based on your input parameters for hypothetical radio placement before a CPI request submission. This preview enables you to identify the optimal parameters for installation without going through the full installation process.

Boosted Locations overlay shows areas that are anticipated to have higher data usage by Helium Mobile subscribers. Deployments in these locations may be eligible to earn extra rewards in addition to Data Transfer and participation in Proof-of-Coverage.

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